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We know that no two horses have the same needs, and no two owners have the same schedules. That is why we offer a broad range of options to suit you.

From simply providing the lodging, turnout, and mealtime feedings for your horse; All the way up to stall/paddock cleaning, and making the meals for your horse, our tailored board options ensure your horse is cared for, your situations are accommodated, and your budget is met!

Please inquire at 604-866-9711, or 604-534-0856 or at to set up a visit to see what options fit you best.



 Our turnout and feed schedule has been designed to make sure your horse has the best care, and the most care given as often as possible to make sure they never feel alone:

 First Breakfast

    •  In the early morning, the horses are let out to their paddocks, and fed a meal that you have predesignated, their waters topped up and their well being checked. We also don fly masks, and remove blankets if necessary.

 Second Breakfast

    • About 1.5 hours after first breakfast, one of the dedicated caregivers of Serendipity Stables will feed a second meal, and top up water.


    •  In the midday we feed the third meal of the day, top up waters, and make sure everything is copacetic.


    •  In the evening, we will bring the horses in and feed them their dinners, and top up waters. In the cold months, we use warm water at night. In the warm summer months, we may leave them out until later, or all night, that's up to you!


Night Check

    •  Lastly, before the owners go to bed, they do a final check on all the horses, and give them a bedtime snack and water. (Story time costs extra)


While most stables don't offer 5 meals a day, we feel that by having this extra level of care, we can make sure your horse is checked on throughout the day. As well, Brian and Christine live on the site, so someone is nearly always around to check in and make sure things are going smoothly




In the summer, when the grass is green, and the sun is shining, we have several grazing pastures available. We will work with you to make sure your horse doesn't overindulge, and we provide turnout schedules for those pastures.